Thursday, July 23, 2015

Miami Swim Week Chaos

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for San Lorenzo, John Parra/Getty Images for Acacia

Fashion Week is always a fun time in any city but as any event planner knows there’s a lot to think about before a runway show or even a presentation can become a reality. The departure of title sponsor, Mercedes-Benz, left everyone in the fashion industry a bit confused for some time, but even now as runways continue to be filled with models and front rows packed with celebrities, some cities are struggling.

Miami Swim Week was last week, filling South Beach with a colorful and interesting array of swimwear and coverups. Not to mention some A-list celebrity action!

However, IMG, the usual chief organizer of Fashion Week, did not organize Miami Swim Week...and mayhem followed.

Multiple production companies were involved but with no governing body to overlook the calendar, times, and venues; everyone was left to their own devices. Funkshion, a production company that put on a few shows, started things on Wednesday, even though the official start date was Thursday. Some shows started over 30 minutes late due to rearrangements of the seating charts, which then caused press AND models to be late to other shows.

Thankfully, IMG will be returning next year to smooth out the wrinkles.

By: Rachel Oliva-Valdes

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Parade Anyone?

In the beginning of the month we wrote on another one of our blogs about Superstorm Sandy and an event held on behalf of the surviving victims in Herald Square.  Carrying on the tribute, this years NYC Halloween Parade will bare the theme: REVIVAL!

Last year the parade had to be cancelled because of the damage Sandy caused.  So this year it's on.  Since the parade was cut last year there was some serious fundraising to be done in order to get this years going.  And boy were people serious, the parade was able to reach above its goal on Kickstarter because of donations from more than 800 backers and designer Kenneth Cole.

So the parade will commence and with a bigger spirit than ever.  Artistic and Producing Director Jeanne Fleming says "Seeing that much joy on the streets of New York City; it doesn't have any gender.  It's not the gay Pride parade or the Jewish parade or the Puerto Rican parade.  It's not a political parade.  Everybody who's there is there because they want to be.  They're just there to enjoy each other... in their imaginative world."

If you're looking for something exciting to do this Halloween, go be one of over two million people at the NYC Halloween Parade.

By: Tori

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Autumn in NYC: 2013 Edition

The humidity is down, the sky is clear and whatever trees you can find... are changing colors, it's fall in New York City.  Festivities are constantly going down no matter what season it is here, but fall brings the chill and the place goes all out chipper with decorations and a jubilant attitude.  

This year October is chock full neat happenings.  For starters, tomorrow there is the annual New York City Food & Wine Festival.  Attendees will be among the likes of Rachel Ray, Guy Fieri and Anne Burrell.  In its sixth year, the festival is moving to midtown and will be at Piers 92 and 94.  There will be tasting, demonstrations and fun for the kids.  A yummy one- make sure not to miss it! 

For any art lovers, the Armory Show at 100: The New Art Spirit starts this Friday and continues on through February.  Celebrating its 100th year, the exhibition will showcase works of artists like Picasso, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Childe Hassam, Duchamp and Gauguin.  The public is able to view a group of about 75 curated pieces.  

Although fashion week is over, this is a city that can't contain its love for style.  John Paul Gautier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk is the first international exhibition of the designers work and will be held in the city at the Brooklyn Museum starting on October 23rd.  

One of the biggest attractions of the fall is Halloween, whether you decide to dress up or not-- there are tons of fun things to do.  The Bronx Zoo's Boo at the Zoo keeps things kid friendly but still enjoyable for the adults that attend with hayrides, crafts, haunted houses and some festive furry (or not so furry) friends.  Of course Halloween night itself gets going with a parade down 6th ave.  People are welcomed to dress up in their most creative costumes while listening to live bands and ghoulishly strolling through Manhattan.  If you're not in the mood to participate, feel free to watch on the sidelines! 

By: Tori   

Monday, October 7, 2013

Catfootwear Earthmovers

Our last post involving Tyler Hilton was a little different than this one.  He was going on tour and promoting his music.  Now, still doing that-- but also part of the Earthmovers campaign with Cat Footwear.  This week at Brooklyn's Kings County Distillery the fashion brand will put on a fashion show to showcase their Earthmovers and SS14 shoe collection.

For Cat, an Earthmover is someone who possesses the desire to get out and transform the world.  An individual, no matter what walk of life, that has a need to reflect the traditions of Cat Footwear with new age flair.  People who are born innovators.

The Cat brand is authentic, tough, dedicated, dynamic and bold.  Earthmovers are no exception and Cat's team of Earthmovers will be modeling shoes of this kind at the distillery on Wednesday.  The models include: Gina Giorgio, Preston Davis, Nikki and Rich, Miya Ando, Sonja Wajih, Martine Rose, Teng Fei Zhong, Luffy Lio, Mia, Stash and Shontelle.  These Earthmovers range from surfers to break dancers to everything in between.